B.Komplete partners with businesses and leads our customized Incentive Management Programs.  We believe that every wellness program should be using incentives. Incentives are a key part in inspiring your employees to stay motivated to make sustainable, healthy changes. B.Komplete ensures that our managed wellness incentive programs are just a small component of the overall, robust wellness program.  The tracking, awarding, and processing of the incentives is what we deliver to our clients, to help save them time, and allow them to focus on what really matters for their business.  And we manage all of the wellness programs that deserve the focus of the employee population.

As the employees of our wellness incentive management programs participate in various health and wellness events throughout their medical plan year, they earn points which correlate to the Health Savings Account, Flexible Spending Account, or another option as identified by the Client.  Our plans provide numerous options including our onsite and virtual wellness programs (Seminars, Cooking Demonstrations, Physical Activity, Wellness Challenges, Counseling & Coaching, Biometric Screening, Smoking Cessation) as well as options that the employees may do outside of work (Preventative Health Visits, Gym Visits, Sports Leagues, Runs/Walks, and more).  

B.Komplete provides monthly participation reports to our Clients, with advice on how to increase employees participation. B.Komplete provides our online portal which displays the employee’s their wellness points, that they may print and/or download on their computer or mobile device. Employees are responsible for supplying their EOB or health visit receipts to B.Komplete for tracking.  Our incentive management is clear, easy to use, and provides robust, aggregate reporting for our Clients.  Contact us now to learn more and use our convenient Incentive Management Program.


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