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What is FNCE?

What is FNCE? FNCE stands for “Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo” ( and is an annual event organized by the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics ( I had not attended this conference since I was a dietetic intern (back in 2002!) and I was very excited to go in my first year of business ownership. During the event I split my time between networking and speaking with business owners, attending seminars and cooking demonstrations, and trying out new food products! I have SO much info to share, and I wanted to dedicate this blog post to education on what FNCE is and information about some of new food products. I am only posting info about products that I believe in.

New Protein Ready-to-DrinkConsumers are learning about the benefits of consuming protein throughout the day, and now more and more high protein products are popping up on your grocer’s shelves.  I was lucky to sample several high protein ready-to-drink beverages, and wanted to share my thoughts. Organic Valley – Organic Fuel is probably the most delicious high protein ready-to-drink beverage that I have ever tried.  And I have tried a lot of them!  In addition to being made from organic dairy proteins, the beverage is lactose free.  Love this!  Orgain – Organic Protein is an awesome organic, no added sugar, vegetarian, non-gmo yummy beverage!  I loved how it was plant based, and the packaging is really convenient for anyone on-the-go.  To be honest, the beverage was a little gritty.  However, I still recommend the product, and will buy it myself.  V8 – Protein Shake is a great option for a snack.  The V8 protein shake provides 12 grams of protein, and is also vegetarian.  The shake is also delicious! 

When your blood sugar starts to get low in the afternoon, make sure you have a healthy snack option on hand.  Joy Bauer has launched a line of delicious snack products called “Nourish Snacks” I had the opportunity to try all of the varieties and I am truly impressed.  The snacks taste great, really satisfy, and you can feel good about your snack choice with Nourish Snacks.

Amy’s Kitchen brings you natural and organic foods, with many gluten-free options, that are super convenient and better for you versus some of the non-organic competition. I had a chance to try both the Mushroom Bisque and the Brownies. The next time I need a convenient meal or desert option, I will look for an option from Amy’s.  

Savory dip, decadent dessert, filling for lasagna… the options are endless for using Greek yogurt! Chobani featured plain Greek yogurt as a base for a Beet Tzatsiki dip, and also a sweet pumpkin pudding. This just makes me love Chobani, even more. You can find all types of recipes using Greek yogurt here.

Sweet DropsEveryone knows that water is good for you, and it’s great to “drink more water.” But, what about the times when plain water just isn’t going to cut it, and you want some added flavor!? One way is to cut up fruit and add to your water. If that isn’t available to you, another great option to try are Sweet Drops. Brought to you by Sweet Leaf Stevia products, sweet drops are an all-natural way to get added flavor without calories.

go liveYou may have heard about some of the benefits of probiotics, and you may even take a probiotic. Did you know that probiotics that would be typically found in certain foods, are often not available to us when we eat that food after it has been processed? For example, when yogurt is pasteurized the probiotics are significantly reduced (if not completely eliminated). This product from Go Live keeps the probiotics intact by keeping them in a sealed pouch until you are you are ready to consume it.

Kind and Strong BarsThe beloved Kind brand has come out with another product to keep you fuller for longer! Strong and Kind bars provide 10 grams of protein, in a savory flavor! The bars are made with non GMO ingredients, and are gluten free and low in sugar. I tried the Hickory Smoked variety, and really enjoyed the savory taste.

hardest working nutIn between the product tastings, seminars, demonstrations, and networking, I was able to have some fun at the California Walnut Booth! The California Walnut organization sponsored the RDN engagement of, “Who is the hardest working RDN?” We had a chance to use funny props, pose in any way, and get some fun pictures. It is always nice when organizations and individuals recognize how hard RDN’s work, in trying to make the world a healthier place, one person at a time.

hardest working nut 2B.inspired, B.educated, B.komplete!


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  1. I have been promisiing myself a watermelon salad that has never maltziaeired. You have inspired me to definitely make this. Refreshing and delicious. Watermelon is summer goodness.

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