Biometric Screenings

Striving to achieve improved health with your organization?  We have your solution with our Biometric Screenings.  Our screenings are a convenient and cost-effective way to identify and treat potential health problems for your employees before they develop (or worsen).  B.Komplete provides the essential components of a Biometric Screening in a convenient bundle to best suit your workplace culture.  Additionally, our screenings offer your employees a structured and actionable approach to lifestyle improvement, disease prevention, and holistic wellness.  And the screening event may be customized to facilitate a single service to enhance your existing health fair. Or it can be provided as a full-service health fair screening with multiple programs, event promotion, coordination and management.  A proposal that includes our rates is provided upon confirmed event details.  And all personally identifiable health information adheres to HIPAA privacy policies and terms.  

What Sets the B.Komplete Biometric Screenings Apart?

It’s simple.  We are the most professional, organized, and customer-focused team you can hire for your Biometric Screenings.  And we take our role seriously, delivering a “white-glove” experience for our clients.  We are not a giant “faceless” conglomerate doing Biometric Screenings. Instead, we are a carefully selected team of healthcare professionals, who know that client safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.  

Our Biometric Screenings can include: Body Mass Index (BMI), Body Weight, Waist Circumference, Body Fat Percentage, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Triglycerides, and Cholesterol. In addition, our Screenings may include Health Counseling to provide actionable solutions for individuals, Wellness Stations for engagement and quick health tips, and Chair Massages for employee appreciation and stress reduction.  Currently, we are offering screenings in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 

To learn more information about what Biometric Screenings are, what options to move forward with, and what to expect, please visit the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine for a thorough review.

Learn why B.Komplete Biometric screenings are the right option for your workforce and to schedule your service.