Nutrition and Food Programs


Are you looking for a sustainable and engaging way to keep your employees healthy, present, happy and productive? What about a way to reduce your group medical claims?  If your company is in need of nutrition and food expertise, the services provided by B.Komplete are for you. 

B.Komplete will work with you to keep your employees healthy and happy with custom, exciting, and innovative nutrition and food programs. Additionally, B.Komplete will empower your employees with strategies and resources necessary to make informed choices for a healthy lifestyle.  Our services are best-in-class and consistently receive rave reviews.  But don’t take our word for it – check out what are satisfied clients have to say.  

Interactive Seminars

Health Prevention Seminar

Our interactive seminars and webinars will teach and motivate your employees to take action.  Our events are conducted at corporate sites and virtually and are led by a B.Komplete Wellness Provider who is an expert in the field being taught.  Topics include: General Wellness, Energy Balance, Disease Prevention, Stress Management, Mental Health and More. 

Cooking Classes

B.Komplete dazzles corporate groups with mouth-watering cooking classes!  You may be looking for a vibrant, live cooking show.  Or you may want a hands-on workshop to learn healthy food strategies. Either way, our corporate group cooking demonstrations are perfect to teach your employees how to cook for better health.  Our team can create a cooking class topic just for you. Or you have the option to choose from our popular themed packages.  

Meal Prep Cooking Demonstration
"The B.Komplete Lunch & Learn series has been successful and we look forward to continuing to provide our staff with your high quality presentations!"
Human Resources Director
Law Firm

Wellness Counseling and Coaching

Wellness Counseling and Coaching

RDNs are the best qualified health care professionals to deliver nutrition education and medical nutrition therapy services. These services address prevention, wellness and disease management.  A B.Komplete RDN will be on site or telephonically for individual employee health and nutrition counseling. The RDN will provide counseling for a minimum of 3 hours/RDN and up to 7 hours/day/RDN.  And session time may vary. Available options include 15 – 30 – 45 – 60 minute sessions.

Wellness Awareness Stations

Drive health awareness and introduce wellness solutions to your employees with the help of a B.Komplete Wellness Awareness Station.  Participating employees will receive information on nutrition, disease prevention, stress management and physical activity.  Programs are conducted with various options for worksites. These options include wellness stations as a stand-alone option, in conjunction with health fairs and biometric screenings, and during open enrollment.  

Wellness Awareness Stations
"My B.Komplete Dietitian did not help me lose weight - she helped me become a better me. A happy consequence of that was losing 15 pounds. Knowledge is power - and my B.Komplete Dietitian is empowering!"
Nutrition Client
New Jersey

Health and Wellness Challenges

Health and Wellness Challenges

Competition is a natural motivator for most adults, and a health and wellness  challenge is the ideal way to energize your workforce.  B.Komplete offers challenges that focus on physical activity, healthy lifestyles, nutrition, prevention, ongoing health maintenance, wellbeing and mental health and more.  Our online options are perfect for geographically diverse workfoces.  

Tasting Tables

Our Tasting Tables give employees an opportunity to try new ingredients and recipes – and learn how to use in their life.  In a convenient table format, we will everything needed for this fun event.  Our menu’s include items that are sweet, savory, on-the-go, beverages, and more.  Contact us at for the full list of Tasting Tables.  

Tasting Table

Snacking Culture Makeover

Snacking Culture Makeover

Your employees can spend anywhere from 7 – 10+ hours at the workplace.  You want them to be sharp, productive, and focused.  You may be providing snacks and beverages to keep their energy up – but are you providing the right items?  Let us help you, help your workforce, with our snacking culture makeover program.  Our Registered Dietitian Team will help you find the right items to fuel your workforce.  Your employees will love the result – delicious and healthy food and beverages that give them the boost they are looking for.  

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