Nutrition and Wellness Counseling and Coaching

Nutrition Counseling

Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) Team  is ready to work with you!  We provide vital food and nutrition services, while promoting health and well-being for our clients. RDNs are the best qualified health care professionals to deliver nutrition education and medical nutrition therapy services for prevention, wellness and disease management.  We will help you improve your health and well-being and manage your weight. Also, increase your productivity, decrease  your doctor visits, and reduce prescription drug coverage.  We offer our services to employers. And we will come to the workplace. Additionally, we offer services to individuals and will meet with you in our NJ and PA offices.

Health Insurance

Certain Health Insurance Plans cover our Nutrition and Wellness Counseling, with no cost to the Employer or Employee. Please email us at to provide the specifics on your Health Insurance.

What to Expect with Nutrition Counseling

"My B.Komplete RDN did not help me lose weight - she helped me become a better me. A happy consequence of that was losing 15 lbs. I learned how to better take care of myself with the food and drink that I put in my body. It’s truly amazing how ignorant most of us are about what we allow in our bodies. Health is a science, and we should all learn to be scientists when it comes to our health. Knowledge is power and B.Komplete is empowering! My RDN is so caring and so willing to do what needs to be done to help you be better. Thank you!"
Voorhees, NJ

Life Coaching

The B.Komplete Life Coaches focus on the present and our client’s goals for the future. We help people move forward, set personal and professional goals, and help direct them to the awesome life they really want.  Our coaching can address your specific projects, business/workplace, general conditions and transitions, personal life, relationships, healthcare, wellness/self-care, stress management and time management.  We will examine what is going on right now, discover what your obstacles and challenges may be, and discuss the course of action to get you on the right path!  If there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, then there is room for life coaching. Why struggle on your own when you can get what you want out of life in a fraction of the time with the structure, support, and tools of a skilled life coach?

What to Expect with Life Coaching

"Since I've started working with my B.Komplete Coach, I've experienced the most positive changes - mentally, physically and emotionally. Not only has she helped me lose weight (and feel great throughout the process), she has truly transformed my approach to eating and nutrition. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her and her approach. She is patient, kind, funny, extremely smart and very understanding. Her tips are both incredibly intuitive but they are also easily adaptable to anyone's lifestyle. I've already recommended my Coach to several friends and family members. I give her my highest recommendation!!!"
Bromall, PA

Who Can Benefit from a Coach?

  • Those whose life patterns do not support life/health/wellness goals
  • Someone working on tobacco cessation
  • Someone working on self confidence
  • Someone working on mental well-being
  • Those who lack a clear life vision or focus
  • Craving more life purpose
  • Those who experience frequent irritation, anger, or uncontrolled stress
  • Those in a life transition period (job change, family change, personal change)
  • Those wanting to put ideas – into action