Physical Activity

80% of U.S. Adults Don't Exercise Enough

"Strong evidence shows that exercisers are healthier than non-exercisers, but most adults do not perform enough physical activity to achieve health and well-being benefits. Workplaces may implement activity programs in hopes of keeping workers healthy and reducing healthcare costs. Employed adults spend about half of their workday waking hours at workplaces. Offering physical activity programs at work is an efficient strategy to increase physical activity. Convenience, group support, formal and informal communication among employees in a worksite, and possible corporate behavior norms are potential advantages of worksite programs over other approaches.”
B.Komplete offers physical activity solutions through workshops, work-out happy hours/classes, and workstation ergonomic assessments.

Physical Activity Workshops

One of the most important aspects of incorporating physical activity is learning options that are easy to integrate into daily life.  With the help of a B.Komplete Physical Activity Workshop your employees will learn strategies to burn more calories during the day, workouts that they can do at home and outside, strength training and conditioning techniques, and how to get the maximum benefit when they hit the gym.  Our workshop will take place at your company site and be led by a qualified wellness provider who is an expert in exercise and sport’s science.  Workshops may be set up as an individual 60-minute session or a series of 4 – 60-minute sessions. 

Physical Activity "Happy Hour"

Provide a healthy and fun option for your employees with our physical activity happy hour.  The happy hour will take place at your company site and be led by our qualified personal trainer who is an expert in exercise and sport’s science.  The happy hour may be set up as an individual 60-minute session or a series of on-going sessions.  Select from Yoga, Pilates, and Functional Training – or a customized combination.  Our classes are led for all workplace environments:  office, production, warehouse; and may be a chair or mat routine. The happy hour accommodates up to 30 attendees. 

Physical Activity Wellness Awareness Stations

Drive health awareness and introduce wellness solutions to your employee population – conveniently – with the help of a B.Komplete Wellness Awareness Station.  In our Physical Activity focused Stations, participating employees will receive pertinent information on exercise methods, tools and resources.  We include movement guidance, and solutions for all levels of fitness.   

Physical Activity Challenges

We offer a variety of onsite and online wellness challenges to maximize the health of your employees. Challenges run over the course of one-month to one-year. All employees are invited to join and may participate individually or in a team. Online portal technology is used for tracking progress toward all goals.  Physical Activity components can include various categories: Walking, Strength, Balance, Flexibility, Endurance and more.  Contact us for our Wellness Challenge Guide.