Health Fairs

Corporate health fairs, in the workplace, are a convenient way to promote health and wellness for your company – in a fun and interactive way for all employees.  A health fair or wellness fair (terms often times used interchangeably) are events where an array of health information is provided to a group. Groups may consist of a community, office, production environment, a hospital, and/or college/university.   Everyone, from those in the C-suite to those in entry-level positions, experience stress and have health and wellness challenges. Health fairs – executed correctly – provide insightful, educational, and collaborative experiences and activities that inspire health and positive changes in participants.  And hosting a health fair for your employees shows them the company’s commitment to their health and well-being.  This can help boost workplace morale and loyalty at your workplace.  

What to Expect at a B.Komplete Health & Wellness Fair

Each and every B.Komplete Health Fair is customized to best meet the needs of the population being served.  We start out with a planning meeting with the client stakeholders and align to a set of goals and objectives.  At times, we will provide an anonymous online survey to poll the potential participants on their needs and interest for a fair.  Then, we plan the fair carefully, providing custom marketing materials and sign-up sheets, organizing healthy give-a-ways and wellness prizes, scheduling and training team members,  ordering and organizing all supplies needed for the day, and creating email communication to encourage and excite the group to fully participate.  Administrative support is provided by our office, and we work closely with our client stakeholders throughout the set-up process. 

The day of the event expect for us to arrive at your site up to 1.5 hours before the actual fair – we take setting up seriously.  We make sure to have our wellness stations, tables, massage chairs, and supplies all set up and ready a little before our scheduled time.  Each fair we provide is unique, clients select from the following wellness services that we provide: 

"We've done health fairs in the past, however they weren't nearly as fun, positive, and informative as the one provided by B.Komplete. Every representative is energetic and willing to help. They are health & wellness focused (not just weight focused) which was a welcome relief in this day and age. I always recommend them!"

On-Going Events

Healthy Hydration Station

Wellness Awareness Stations

Drive health awareness and introduce wellness solutions to your employee population – conveniently – with the help of a B.Komplete Wellness Awareness Station.  Participating employees will receive pertinent information on nutrition, disease prevention, stress management, and physical activity.  Select your stations from our 24 themes.  Contact us for the full list.  

Chair Massage 

Reduce the stress and improve the morale of your employees with our chair massage. After chair massage, the participants will feel energized, rejuvenated, valued and relaxed.  Our chair massage will benefit your employees’ physical and mental state. Many of our Massage Therapists are trained in Reflexology.  In addition to the massage and reflexology, we provide marketing materials and booking forms.  During our health and wellness fairs employees typically enjoy 10 – 15 minute massage sessions.  

Chair Massage Therapy
Tasting Tables

Tasting Tables

Whether your group is looking for healthy meal inspiration, a tasty treat, or a savory snack, our corporate tasting tables are a fun, unique, and affordable way to inspire your group to eat right. Led by our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, participants will learn about ingredients, nutrition, and meal-prep.  Choose from our 8 delicious tasting table themes.  Contact us for the full list.  

Ask a Dietitian Table

Nutrition is confusing – and it takes time to decode the latest research.  Let us take the work off of your plate with our “Ask a Dietitian” Table.  Employees may visit our Dietitian, at their convenience, to ask their questions around food, nutrition, and healthcare.  Wellness handouts are provided.  This is the perfect option to announce an ongoing nutrition coaching program.

Biometric Screening

Our Biometric screenings can include; Body Mass Index (BMI), Body Weight, Waist Circumference, Body Fat Percentage, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Triglycerides, and Cholesterol.  We currently offer screenings in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.   Learn more  here, and contact us for a free consultation. 

Break-Out Events

Physical Activity Workshops

Provide a healthy and fun option for your employees with a B.Komplete Physical Activity Program. Activity focus will be customized to best meet the needs of your employee population; our options include Pilates, Yoga, and Functional Training with themes around Ergonomic Safety, Energy Generation, Toning and Stress Reduction.

Stress Reduction Workshops

While stress is unavoidable, learning how to cope is one of the best way to manage stress.  Provide your employees with the tools they need to manage the harmful stress they encounter at work.  The B.Komplete Stress Reduction and Guided Meditation Workshops provide information, solutions, and effective stress reduction methods to the participants. 

Group Acupuncture

Auricular (ear) acupuncture is a safe, simple, effective, non-verbal treatment that is used in clinics and treatment centers throughout the world. Your corporate group acupuncture may accommodate up to 20 individuals for a 30 minute session. Guided meditation may be provided upon client request and participant requirements.